December 23, 2008

My husband loves me!

This bouquet came today.  It's almost as big as my husband is.  Not really.  The vase is huge, and this thing is really heavy.  I was telling my oldest, who acted as my photographer, "Take the picture quick!"

December 11, 2008


On a paper or in a book, the margin is the blank space. It's good for lots of things. Jotting notes down, punching holes for a 3-ring binder, giving our eyes a boundary before the edge of the page.

In the book titled "Margin" by Dr. Richard Swenson, he encourages us to put margin in our lives. For most of us, our schedules are overbooked, our money is overspent, our bodies are exhausted, and our emotions are spent. Dr. Swenson calls us to a simpler life, giving priority to what is most important, and leaving room for the unexpected, the unplanned, and even some peace and quiet. With a disciplined effort in keeping margin in our lives, we are able to do better at what we do, and don't snap when plans are changed or we are interrupted. Having margin gives us the opportunity to spend extra time listening to a friend in need, witnessing to the acquaintance we encountered, giving financial support to the needy, or exercising patience in difficult circumstances.

Check out Dr. Swenson and his resources here, including group study resources, and "A Minute of Margin" for a little piece of wisdom each day of the year to inspire you toward this simpler life.