July 07, 2008

Home Learning Year by Year

This is my best resource for homeschooling! I use it constantly. It shows a scope and sequence for all grades K-12, and includes explanations of objectives, as well as resources such as library books, websites, and other curriculum aids that are helpful for teaching each objective. I used it for Kindergarten and now am using it for 1st grade. It's called Home Learning Year by Year, by Rebecca Rupp.

Since so far I've created my own curriculum, rather than used a pre-packaged curriculum, this book is my resource for planning a school year, finding free resources at the library, and gauging how much progress my daughter has made. With the Kindergarten standards in this book met, some teacher friends of mine said my daughter was ahead of where most public school Kingergarteners are. Also, whenever the objective is stated in terms I don't understand, I don't have to worry, because she explains and/or gives examples of what she means. For me, that's so much easier than reading a state or school district's list of objectives and deciphering what that means in practical day-to-day learning.

I have loaned this book out to a few friends, and then had to ask for it back because I needed it for reference. This year, though, I'm more organized, so all the pertinent info I need for 1st grade is written down in my homeschooling notebook. So if anyone wants to borrow my copy, give me a holler!

Check out the website for this resource, and other related resources at http://www.homeschoolzone.com/hsz/rupp5.htm

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