January 02, 2009

An Old-Fashioned Education

I'm so excited to share this first post of 2009. I've come across this resource before, but am only now understanding its value. The website is http://oldfashionededucation.com/ and there, you can find links to all kinds of free online teaching resources and books. Many of them are public domain educational textbooks, written in a time when Christianity was the prevailing worldview in education. However, there are links to contemporary resources as well.

Would you like to teach your child Latin (or learn it yourself)? There are several resources for that and other languages. Would you like to read the entire Anne of Green Gables series? How about studying art and artists? How about a complete Scott Foresman grammar curriculum for K-6? You can read biographies by Hellen Keller or Adolph Hitler. Study works of history, or read historical fiction. Teach your child old fashioned manners, or how to write neatly. There's something for everyone here.

The links are easy to follow, as they are categorized by topic. Just today, I downloaded "The Real Mother Goose", and "A Child's Garden of Verses", both classics. Now without owning these books in book form, I can still read them to my children and let their imaginations blossom.

But that's not all. The premise behind the web page author's project is being able to homeschool without spending tons of money on curriculum. So you can view her complete K-12 outlines, and then print out weekly assignment checklists for your students. She even explains how to use it, how to tailor it to fit your family and your individual student. I'm looking at the Kindergarten curriculum and my mouth is watering to try it this Fall with my middle child.

There's a wealth of resources here, and if you're thrifty like me and like free things with lots of value, you'll love what you find here. Enjoy!

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