July 01, 2009

Colorado Springs!

     After 20 days of traveling in OH, WV, and IL to visit friends and family, we have arrived at our new duty station.  We thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the grandparents, aunts & uncles, cousins, and several friends.  Our youngest kept wondering when we were actually going to get to Colorado.  When we finally did, and told her so, she didn't believe us.

    It's a relief to finally be here, and yet we have so much to do in the coming month!  Today, my husband signs in to his new unit, and will begin the formal process of house hunting.  We intend to buy a home off base, so we meet with a realtor this evening, and start looking at some tomorrow.  Meanwhile, we have 10 days reserved at the on-post lodge, and can extend it if we need to.  We have two adjoining rooms with a kitchen in the middle.  The lodge provides free continental breakfast.  I'm planning to go to the commissary this afternoon to get some groceries to make our lunches and dinners.

    The weather is sunny and warm.  The scenery (what little of it I've seen so far) is interesting!  So glad to finally be here.

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