September 20, 2009

I would have slept well . . .

    So I talked to my husband who is doing training with his soldiers in the field on base.  It was about 6 p.m.  He said they were rolling out for night fire exercises, and that he expected it wouldn't take long, and they'd get to actually have some decent sleep that night.  After the call, I finished our normal evening routine, and everyone went to bed.

    About 12:30 a.m., I was awakened by... was that thunder?  I didn't think we were expecting any rain or storms for another day or two.  I noticed the blasts were shorter and closer together than thunder rumbles usually sound like.  Then I heard my 2-year-old wandering around.  She had heard the noises too.  Then I wondered, could it really be the firing exercises on base?  We live East of the ranges, and I had heard noises from there before.  Sure enough, I looked out the window, and straight West of the house, over the top of our neighbor's rooftops, I could see, in the distance, flashes of white going off.  I think I counted about 60 seconds before hearing the accompanying noise from each blast.

    It was a strange connection to my husband I hadn't seen for a week, and I considered calling his cell phone to ask if they could keep it down a bit so we could sleep.  (Not seriously.)  They went on for about 45 minutes, then my daughter and I got back to sleep.

    Yep, no thunderstorms even on the horizon.  The stars were out in a clear night sky.  Really neat to see.  I'd rather have been sleeping though.

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