April 26, 2010

Tucking my plants in at night

It's been cold several nights this past week!  So for my square foot garden, I've been tucking my plants in at night with a nice warm blanket.  I'm most concerned about my strawberries, as it's not good weather for them.  Everything else can probably survive the cold.  I'm not seeing any sprouts of carrots, lettuce or spinach though.  If nothing comes up in the next couple weeks, I will replant.  I'm seeing more onion sets sprouting above ground.  I'm hoping for a warming trend as this next week progresses.

I was surprised to see several more snow pea plants popping up in my row in my conventional garden!  I counted 17 plants in the row today.  My potatoes are showing signs of life as well with tiny greens emerging.  True that Colorado may have a late start to the growing season, but I'm trying to push the limits in hopes of some good results.

And have I mentioned my tomato plants in my square foot pots?  They are growing quickly, though they reside in my dining room most of the time lately.  (As I type this, I'm sitting right next to them.)  I put them out for sunshine a couple hours a day.  When it quits freezing at night, I'll harden them off, and leave them outside permanently on my patio, which gets a ton of sunshine.  There are tons of blossoms on these, and a few tiny tomatoes forming.  I love tomatoes!

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