February 10, 2015

The Winter Slump of Homeschool

It seems there is a common thread among homeschool families about how this time of year is especially difficult.  I know it is for me.  I've seen a recent blog post about it, and my homeschooling friends on Facebook have also mentioned it.  We're either feeling the fatigue of the long-term responsibility of completing the school year, or our children are struggling with it.  I think it's also compounded by the time of year - winter, so it's cold, we're not spending as much time outside, so we feel cooped up together.  Or maybe sometimes we're too busy with activities and life that we're burnt out with everything together.

I thought it would be helpful to brainstorm some ideas to change things up that might help us get through this slump.  Here's what I came up with.

- Bundle up and go outside anyway.  (Mom too!)  Race, kick a ball around, anything active.
- Rearrange the schoolroom a little, or a lot.
- Come up with a new incentive program for finishing assignments - have a bucket of little prizes ready to earn.
- Skip a particularly arduous subject for a day or a week.  Come back at it later with a renewed perspective.
- Try an educational game or website, or find some movies to watch that pertain to what you're learning.
- Look at what you're doing as a mom, as a family, and what your kids are doing.  Are you overbooked?  Are there things you can cancel or remove from your schedule to give you more freedom?
- Set a goal for everyone that when everyone's school is done for the day, we'll all go shopping, or to the library, or bowling, or some other get-out-of-the-house activity.
- Find a friend who can come in and give a "school assembly" on an area of expertise of theirs, whether it pertains to what you're learning, or is an art form, or just something really interesting.  If you're ambitious, you might invite another homeschool family or two to join you.
- Amid it all, give yourself and your children an extra measure of grace.

What ideas do you have?  Have you noticed this same time of year is difficult for you?  I welcome your suggestions, so please share!

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