May 07, 2016

Don't Just Watch Life. Direct Life.

There are people in my life who inspire me.  They're ordinary people, but with an extraordinary perception, insight or wisdom, and they share it.  And when they do, I'm grateful.  But also, I wish I'd heard what they shared the day before, the week before, or longer, because when I was without that thing they shared and needed it, I did not have it myself.  I did not inspire myself toward that perspective when I wish I could have.  But I know I never could have inspired myself, nor did these people who inspire me get their inspiration from themselves, but from God.

So my inspiration wanes when my time listening to God wanes.  My time listening to God wanes too often these days - my days full of children and husband and school and home.  And at those times, I'm grateful for the inspirational people who are listening to God, and for their willingness to share it so I can benefit from it.  Isn't this what the church - the Body of Christ - is for?  Sharing encouragement and building each other up?  Yes indeed.  And praising God together for the relationships we have with Him and each other that keep us moving forward in hope.

Direct TV has a slogan, "Don't just watch T.V.  Direct T.V."  That comes to mind because it seems like these inspiring people direct their lives, rather than just watch it happen to them.  Life has a way of happening to me, pleasant or frustrating, and I sort of go through my day meeting needs as I see them, and reacting to the people around me as they affect me.  That often results in me being grumpy and irritable, though sometimes I can maintain my joy in spite of what goes awry.  And I wonder if I were to invest more time in listening to God, He would inspire me to the thoughts and perspectives and wisdom I need to navigate the plans that fail, the people (read: children) that don't cooperate, and the overwhelming input my five senses (mostly ears and eyes) are assaulted with.  If I could start my day with a Scriptural mantra, or a reminder of God's purpose for my day, or a worship song stuck (thankfully) in my head, perhaps it would lead to me being an inspiration to others.

That's really what I want to be, and in such a way that they turn to God themselves for their inspiration as well.

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