April 02, 2008

Small Potatoes

The title is in reference to my children.  I came home from choir practice tonight, and there they were, snuggled in their bean bag chairs in front of the cartoon channel, with sippy cups in their mouths, and lap blankets on.  The sitter said they had previously been actively playing outside, so they weren't completely couch potatoes yet.

Lately, my activist nature has been surging, wanting to merely change the world.  There are a myriad of issues that concern me about the American culture, specifically.  We're so spoiled, and we have taken for granted what our founding fathers and early pioneers of freedom worked so hard to create and preserve.  More importantly, many have either abandoned the foundational truths of Scripture and worship of God Almighty in favor of a lifestyle that brings themselves comfort, convenience and entertainment; or worse yet, they've turned against God altogether.  There's a lot of brokenness in our nation's homes.  Children are growing up in these broken environments, never learning the values and morals that make a citizen great, so they don't learn how to do their part in making the country great, even in their own community.  This is one of a dozen or more issues on my mind.

So someday, I hope to somehow be a change-agent in our culture, pointing people to God and His ways.  It may be through some sort of public speaking, writing, music, or however God leads.  My efforts won't change the whole world, but I hope they will change some lives.

Meanwhile, I've got more pressing things to do, like raising our 3 girls to be God-honoring people themselves, and to find what abilities they have that God gave them to use for His Kingdom.  And, if I say so myself, that is no small potatoes. 

If you know a mother with children at home, you should encourage her with this message.  Moms  are very important, and many moms don't recognize the value in what they do.  I recognize my value in this role, and I pray that God guides my daily choices to help me be a good role-model and a parent who disciplines with grace.

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