August 02, 2011

Day 2: $400/month budget project

Spent $61.27 at WalMart today on groceries, children's vitamins and paper towels.  We had run out of some staples, so the trip was a necessary stop on our way home from a playdate at the park.  I did save $14.62 in coupons today.  Two were for free items (one Herbal Essence product, one Pantene product) that I had mailed to me from those companies' promotions, either on Facebook or elsewhere online.  I forget.  The things I didn't have coupons for, I compared prices and mostly chose generic, except for paper towels.  I figure I could either buy the brand I know is good quality and pay a little more, or buy the generic, which, with past experience, I know I end up using more because of the poor quality.

August total: $67.23

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