August 15, 2011

E-mealz is one amazing tool!

I just have to rave about the E-mealz menu plan!  A few months ago I finally subscribed to it for 6 months after trying out the sample menus and discovering that their recipes were not only good, but also very simple to make!  My family (husband and three small girls) almost always likes every part of the meal.  The ingredients are often basic - not the ones that are hard to guess what part of the store they'll be in and what the package looks like. 

Now, I'm a good cook, and I like to try new things, and I sometimes like to make my own menu plan based around recipes I want to try, or old favorites our family enjoys.  But when life gets busy, we need groceries, and I don't have time to put a meal plan and grocery list together, it's great to have it all planned out for me.

The menu plans they have vary widely.  You can find plans to cook for 2, or for 4-6.  They can be plans to match the sales of a particular store for that particular week, or plans to fit any store.  They can be regular, low-fat, gluten-free, low-carb, portion control, or vegetarian.  All the menu plans keep your cost down by giving you everything you need for a week of dinners on one shopping list that is less than $90 (4-6 family) or $40 (2 family).  I have found that with our family of 5, three of which are young children, we often have leftovers to send with my husband for lunch the next day.

I highly recommend this for busy parents.  At only $5/month, E-mealz is a great bargain to save you money and time and provide your family with delicious home-cooked meals!

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