August 24, 2011

Day 24: $400/month budget project

Yeah, back to the store again after 4 days.  Call it poor planning, busyness, or whatever.  I needed some ingredients to round out a couple meals based on what I want to use up in my freezer.  This time I got everything for the rest of the month, and probably a few days into September.  I also got a few impulse buys.  I saved a lousy $5.15 in coupons today.  Didn't have the time to search for more.

Total for today:  $123.28
Total for August:  $450.82

I went over my $400/month budget.  I think it is possible to do, though.  If I'd had time for better planning of meals, coupons and sales, and shopping at the store with the best prices over the few trips to the nearest store for convenience, it would have made a difference.

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