January 04, 2013

Breathing Room

I have thoroughly enjoyed the past three weeks of break from homeschool and our busy weekly routine.  It feels like it's been so long since I've had so much time to let the girls just play all day long, and to let myself enjoy a good book.  I've enjoyed several good books on this break, and it gives me the itch to read even more!

Next week we will jump into school again, as well as the volunteer leadership work I do.  It fills my week completely.  Most evenings I am either spent mentally, and absorbing mindless television, or browsing facebook, unless I'm doing last-minute prep work for something due the next day.  Occasionally I'll have time to get out of town for a date with my husband, but not nearly often enough.  My schedule is more full than any non-type-A person should ever have.

Consequently, I have learned discipline.  I am not a naturally disciplined person.  I like freedom in my day.  I say that I am an idealist, wanting things done well, but I hate structure.  I value cooking tasty, healthy food for my family, homeschooling our children, volunteering at our church, and spending some time with friends building relationships.  In the last two months, I also chose to value getting exercise 3 times a week.  There is no way to accomplish all this without structure, so I have managed to create it and stick with it.  I wouldn't say I enjoy it, but the results of being structured have been motivating.

So I give all the glory to God for how He has trained me this year, and how He has blessed my human efforts for the benefit of others.  He prepared me for what I am doing now, and He has brought me through a year of growth while doing it.  I have a feeling this coming year, God will build on that growth.  I know I could use yet more discipline in some areas.

So before next week hits, I am really enjoying the breathing room.  It's been a time to prioritize, envision, read, pray, hope, reflect, organize, and enjoy.  I hope I can find a little time in the coming 52 weeks ahead for at least a little breathing room.  That time is really a part of my growth Spiritually as well.

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