January 03, 2013

Living Legacy

My grandpa was born in 1908.  Today he has his 95th birthday!  We were privileged to spend some time with him and my grandma at Christmas, as well as two other days we were invited to their house for visiting and a meal.  (My grandma is a fantastic cook.)  I'm thankful for the opportunity for my children to reconnect with them any chance we get.  (We also visited my grandmother on the other side of my family, and I'm so glad we did.)  I want them to remember their great-grandparents, because they are all wonderful people.  I'm sure I saw joy in my grandparents' faces when they got to watch our children play and listen to them talk.

My grandpa, in particular, makes me think of a rock.  His faith in God is solid, unwavering.  He raised four children to share that faith, and they have raised his 16 grandchildren in this faith as well.  Now many of those 16 grandchildren are married and raising his great-grandchildren (18 so far) to be faithful to God as well.  Look what my grandparents started!  Including those who have married Grandpa's children and grandchildren, that is a whole bunch of people living faithful to God!

Sometimes it's hard to be faithful in my thoughts, attitudes and actions to a God who is invisible, intangible, and often leaves more questions unanswered than I am comfortable with.  But having parents and grandparents who have fully trusted Him with their lives, and who unwaveringly serve Him with their lives the best they know how gives me an anchor for my own faith.  Like the saints who have gone before, referred to in Hebrews 11, my grandparents are part of that "hall of faith" group of people who can bear witness to God's activity, faithfulness, healing, and forgiveness in their lives.  They show, that the morals God gives in His Word lead to God's best for us.  They exemplify a proper perspective of what is most important in life.

So I am thankful for my Grandpa.  I don't know how much longer he will be with us on this earth, but I'm glad every chance I get to see him.  Happy 95th birthday Grandpa!

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